Seeking Refuge

Five asylum seekers set out on the lengthy journey to be accepted as refugees in Canada. Plunging into the experiences, hopes and struggles of asylum seekers looking for protection, Seeking Refuge follows newly-arrived claimants awaiting their hearings and captures the lives of those who have been denied asylum and are facing deportation. From border crossings to refugee shelters, a moving look at the lives of people who navigate Canada’s complex refugee determination system after escaping war, persecution, rape and political unrest.

70 Mins (theatrical)

52 Mins (French TV version) SRC, RDI

43 Mins (English TV Version) CBC

Produced by InformAction


2010- First Place, Toronto Human Rights Docfest 

2009 - Gemini Nomination – Best Direction in a Documentary Program 


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Karen Cho

Karen Cho
Ian Oliveri

Development Producer and Creative Collaborator
Ian Oliveri

Nathalie Barton
Ian Quenneville

Director of Photography
Michael Wees

Sound Recording
Paulo Castro-Lopes

Andrea Henriquez

Sound Editor
Benoît Dame

Jean-Pierre Bissonnette

Original Music
Robert Marcel Lepage

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